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What are the most popular recipes for Mediterranean dishes?

Chicken cacciatore, pasta fagioli, fennel salad, tuna carpaccio antipasto, pasta with eggplant, string beans with almonds and cheese… sounds like the menu from a delectable Italian restaurant, doesn’t it? But these popular Mediterranean dishes are actually ones that you can make at home yourself as part of a Mediterranean diet. The recipes are not only delicious but they’re also incredibly simple to make and chockfull of healthy ingredients that can promote weight loss, lower cholesterol, and lower your risk for a variety of diseases and health concerns. Compiled into two books by Dr. Angelo Acquista, a native of Sicily who has counseled his patients for years on weight loss, these recipes are the foundations of a Mediterranean meal that will actually make you want to stick to your diet! Dr. Acquista has also identified seven Sicilian superfoods, all of which are easy to find and prepare, which can be used to create your own tasty recipes as well. So which are the most popular Mediterranean recipes? The healthy and delicious ones that you can make at home!



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